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Zaytoon Farms is a family and community run business that supplies only the highest quality chicken produce and products. We pride ourselves on our values of transparency and safety in farming and distributing delicious and healthy chicken products. We supply only the freshest chicken that complies to our rigorous quality control and food safety regulations.

We supply some of the biggest stores and distributors in the Lowveld, aiming to expand our reach and become a leader in supplying only the highest quality chicken products while enriching the lives of the local communities involved with Zaytoon.

Our customers include some of the Lowvelds largest food retailers such as:

  • Crossings Super Spar
  • The Grove Super Spar
  • Malelane Super Spar
  • White River Super Spar
  • Orchards Spar
  • Sonpark Spar
  • Tarentaal Spar
  • Westend Spar
  • Lydenburg Longtom Spar
  • Komati Spar

    Zaytoon offers great value in offering only the highest quality products at affordable prices. Due to our localised facilities we are able to deliver fresher and healthier chicken while keeping costs down.


    All farming, processing and distribution of Zaytoon products are done with minimal environmental impact. We value our commitment to sustainable farming.


    Zaytoon is a family and community run farm with our focus on creating better opportunites and quality of life for all our employees and their families.

  • Phone:
    013 7127911/2

  • Portion 16, Mount Olive Farms

About Us

Zaytoon Farms was established in 2008. Located in the heart of the Lowveld, on the old Kaapsehoop and Barberton road it is ideally suited for chicken farming. We at Zaytoon grow chicks from day old up to fully grown chickens. We have a fully certified abattoir on site. At Zaytoon we are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on achieving the highest levels of quality and standards.

Why Zaytoon
  • Experience
  • Industry Training
  • Community Involvement
  • Highest Quality
  • Accredited
  • Transparency
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